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Aircraft Management

JPS Aviation offers complete aircraft management solutions to help maximize your aircraft investment with minimal headache. Our program enables you the enjoyment and benefits of aircraft ownership without the hassles of the day-to-day operations.

Our goal is to make your aircraft ownership as simple and as easy as possible.

JPS Turn-Key Charter Management Program



Putting your aircraft on JPS Aviation’s Charter Certificate allows the airplane to be flown on charter trips when you aren’t using it, generating revenue during your downtime, and offsetting your cost of ownership and operation. Guaranteed hourly charter revenue split puts money in your pocket every time the airplane flies a charter trip.

Owner Approval

100% owner approval on all Part 135 charter trips; you get to decide who will be flying on your airplane.

Flight Coordination

24/7/365 Flight Operations Center handles all coordination of aircraft and pilot schedules, flight support, and customer request for catering and ground transportation. You make one call and the rest is taken care of.

Human Resources

We hire, train and manage the Flight Crews, ensuring that only the industry's best aviators are in the cockpit. You don't have to worry about employment taxes and benefits, payrolls, scheduling, or training issues.


Access JPS Aviation’s vast network of FBOs, contract fuel vendors, insurance carriers, and training centers, all of which provide JPS with heavily discounted rates on their services.


Our Maintenance & Repair Department tracks, schedules and plans all maintenance events for your aircraft. We use only FAA Part 145 Repair Stations, which guarantees that your aircraft will exceed all FAA required safety requirements and regulations. When your aircraft is down for maintenance, you have access to JPS' fleet of airplanes, at substantially discounted rates.


Monthly management reports, customized for your aircraft, give you a simple, yet detailed, description of hours flown, expenses and revenue earned.


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